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Be A Weather Rock Star!

Filed in Archived by on April 7, 2017 • views: 1246

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Hey Members of the Weather/Emergency Enterprises: It’s time to sign up to exhibit or volunteer at WeatherReady Fest.

Every member of the NWA and the Weather and Emergency Enterprise has a role at WeatherReady Fest! Pick the one that best suits you: Volunteer, Exhibitor, Activity Leader or Sponsor!

You can serve as a Volunteer, helping set up, doing registration, assisting visitors and helping breakdown after the event. You will get a beautiful NWA WeatherReady Fest polo shirt.

You can be an Exhibitor at a table or booth, or presenting a piece of large equipment (Doppler radar, chase vehicle, etc.); signing books or providing autographs; delivering educational, preparedness or safety information; or selling a product such as a device or app.

You can staff an Activity, setting up an experiment, game, teaching activity or stage show.

Your organization can be a Sponsor, helping underwrite the expenses for the exciting event in return for specifically targeted exposure to the expected audience of over 9,500 people!

If you’re interested in being an exhibitor or a volunteer, please fill out and submit one of the forms on our Be An Exhibitor/Volunteer page. If you are interested in being an activity leader or sponsor, please contact Bill Murray at 205.206.6820, or email him at

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