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An Exciting Set Of Speakers To Appear At WRF 2019 views: 363

We have an incredible list of speakers lined up for the WeatherReady Fest 2019 Speaker Series, ranging from weather history to preparing for emergencies to the climate.

“The Weather Dude” Nick Walker Is Back For 2019 views: 1028

That’s right… The Weather Dude, Nick Walker, is back for 2018 to perform his weather songs that teach about severe weather preparedness. And, in case he looks familiar to you, Nick is an on-air meteorologist at The Weather Channel.

Tours Of SWIRLL Given At WRF 2019 views: 637

Come and see the latest in the scientific study done on severe weather, lightning, radar meteorology, and much more! We’ll have free transportation to take guests from the main WeatherReady Fest…

James Spann Is Scheduled To Appear At WRF 2019 views: 505

James Spann is one of the most recognized and trusted television meteorologists in the industry, especially in North/Central Alabama.