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Recent Articles #1

Be A Weather Rock Star!

Be A Weather Rock Star!

Filed in Archived by on April 7, 2017 • views: 1273

Hey Members of the Weather/Emergency Enterprises: It’s time to sign up to exhibit or volunteer at WeatherReady Fest. Every member of the NWA and the Weather and Emergency Enterprise has a role at WeatherReady Fest! Pick the one that best suits you: Volunteer, Exhibitor, Activity Leader or Sponsor! You can serve as a Volunteer, helping […]


Recent Articles #2

Floods of Fun!

Floods of Fun!

Filed in Archived by on April 6, 2017 • views: 1611

WeatherReady Fest is about kids having fun while learning basic meteorological concepts. Kids will pretend they are FedEx airplanes avoiding thunderstorms in a fun exercise. They will be thunderstorms dumping heavy rain on different kinds of ground using the Ward’s Flood Plain Model.


Tours Of SWIRLL Given At WRF 2019 views: 105

Come and see the latest in the scientific study done on severe weather, lightning, radar meteorology, and much more! We’ll have free transportation to take guests from the main WeatherReady Fest…

James Spann Is Scheduled To Appear At WRF 2019 views: 54

James Spann is one of the most recognized and trusted television meteorologists in the industry, especially in North/Central Alabama.

2019 WRF Tickets Are Available Now views: 257

That’s right!!! Timed tickets are now available for the 2019 edition of WeatherReady Fest. What makes these tickets a hot commodity? They’re FREE!!!

Rocket City Weatherfest Combines Forces With WeatherReady Fest views: 211

So, for those of you who were worried that the Rocket City Weatherfest would not occur in 2019, we have great news for you… they are combining forces with the National Weather Association…