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Recent Articles #1

WeatherReady Fest Acknowledged In Associations Now Magazine

WeatherReady Fest Acknowledged In Associations Now Magazine

Filed in News by on May 2, 2017 • views: 576

Just a few days ago, we were surprised to find out that Associations Now had listed the WeatherReady Fest in their article “For The Kids: Child-Friendly Conference Events.” It goes on to mention that while conferences are usually for adults, a few


Recent Articles #2

The Perfect Place for WRF: Discovery Cube OC

The Perfect Place for WRF: Discovery Cube OC

Filed in News by on April 7, 2017 • views: 667

Igniting imaginations and fostering wonder for how the world works, Discovery Cube in Santa Ana, is the perfect place for a day of learning about weather and seismic hazards! With themed science adventures, interactive programs, and STEM learning spaces, the award-winning Discovery Cube is a Southern California icon!


The OC Success views: 432

The 2nd annual WeatherReady Fest, hosted by the NWA Foundation, was held at the Discovery Cube OC Science Center in Santa Ana. Over 1600 guests were able to enjoy the science activities and received free information from vendors…

Exhibitor Registration For WeatherReady Fest 2018 views: 878

We invite your organization to participate in the annual WeatherReady Fest. This exciting education event will be held August 25, 2018, from 9:30 AM until 5:00 PM at the Saint Louis Science Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

Volunteer Registration For WeatherReady Fest 2018 views: 594

What made WeatherReady Fest 2017 in Norfolk a big success was the great support put in by the volunteers. To make the 2018 edition an even larger success, we’ll need volunteers to help us out to make that happen.

About The NWA Foundation views: 707

The National Weather Association Foundation was founded by the National Weather Association (NWA) in 2016. The Foundation’s vision is to advance understanding of our atmosphere and environment…